This utility won't work on such a narrow display. If you're on a phone, maybe try turning it to landscape mode.

3D Point Plotter

Viewing Options

Grid Detail: 20

Point Size: 1.5

Sample Point Sets

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Plotted Points

Author: Karl Diab

A flexible 3D point plotter utility that allows for the easy plotting and viewing of up to thousands of 3D points. Written in JavaScript using the THREE.js library. You may link to this page from elsewhere or use the source code, but please give credit where it is due.



Drag the mouse to rotate camera and scroll to zoom. Right-click drag to move camera.

Adding Points

Add 3D points on the right, either individually or in bulk.
Add Individual Points
To add a point individually, enter the X Y Z coordinates at the top and click .
Add Bulk Points
To add points in bulk, simply paste the points in the "Enter Multiple Points" window and click . The program will interpret the points then plot and list them. The interpreter can understand points in almost any format, even with additional characters such as "(" or ",". Ensure no extra numbers are included.


1: (x1,y1,z1) 2: (x1,y1,z1)...

Manipulating Points

To clear all points click below the "Plotted Points" window. An individual point can be deleted by pressing .
Selecting Points
Any point can be selected by clicking on the plotted point, or from the "Plotted Points" window.

Viewing Options

To view or disable the grids or axis, check or uncheck the corresponding box in the left panel. To change the size of the grids, uncheck the "Lock Grid Size" box. The grid size will now follow the camera distance. Zoom in or out with the scroll wheel until the desired size is reached and recheck the "Lock Grid Size" box.
The level of detail on the grids can be changed with the "Grid Detail" slider.
Point size can be changed with the "Point Size" slider.